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15', 2011, HD, col., Italy 
Directed by: Andrea La Mendola
Produced by: CRT Foundation, Indyca, Liquid Gate Studio, Turin Polytechnic
Genre: Drama
Languages: It / Eng sub.
Status: Available on DVD
Contact: Michael Fornasero

Produced with support from Film Commission Turin Piedmont
Cast: Giuseppe Cederna, Glen Blackhall, Stella Egypt
Screenplay: Dario Corno, Michele Fornasero, Andrea La Mendola, Giulietta Vacis
Director of Photography: Dario Corno
Music by: Gabriele Bonolis
Editor: Corrado Marengo
Sound recordist: Luigi Miniotti
Production designer / Costume designer: Daniele Catalli
Special makeup effects: Vanessa Ferrauto
Visual FX: EDI


Narcissus is a man with a personality disorder. He's talking in front of a mirror with his alter-ego about his girlfriend Sara, a girl brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances. He's in the bathroom next to the crime scene where a police inspector is conducting the homicide investigation. The dialogue between Narcissus and his reflection turns into a challenge between the two personalities and many confusing memories come back from his subconscious in flashbacks. Step by step the truth comes out in a continuous emotional growth. Who is going to win the day? What will Inspector find out during Narciso's interrogation after he comes out from the bathroom?

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