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30', 2007, DV cam, col., Italy 
Directed by: Salvo Bitonti
Produced by: Indyca, Liquid Gate Studio
Genre: Drama
Languages: It / Eng sub.
Status: Released
Contact: Simone Catania

Produced with support from IMAIE, in collaboration with Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Direzione Regionale per the Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Piedmont, Racconigi Castle, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin, Film Commission Turin Piedmont, School of the Permanent Theater of Turin, Intelfilm, Turin Fuorisede Association
Cast: Mita Medici, Franco Nero
Screenplay: Salvo Bitonti
Director of Photography: Dario Corno
Production designer: Daniele Catalli
Costume designer: Emiliano Mancini
Editor: Gian Domenico Musu, Simone Catania
Music by: Dario Arcidiacono


A modern reinterpretation of the classic myth of Helen of Troy, freely inspired by the poems of Ghiannis Ritzos. A senior army officer, Franco Nero, leaves to meet a woman named Elena, Mita Medici. By car he travels through the streets of a large contemporary city which brings back memories of the war. The meeting takes place in Elena's ancient villa which seems to be in a state of abandonment. Elena tells him some events of her life, the dramas of the people who died for her and the slow decay of her existence, up to the dramatic epilogue with the senior officer who leaves the now empty house.



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