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30', 2006, DV cam, col., Italy 
Directed by: Salvo Bitonti
Produced by: Indyca, Liquid Gate Studio
Genre: Drama
Languages: It / Eng sub.
Status: Released
Contact: Simone Catania

In collaboration with Intelfilm
Cast: Mita Medici, Antonio Mancino, Ivo Micioni
Screenplay: Salvo Bitonti
Director of Photography: Dario Corno
Production designer: Salvo Bitonti
Costume designer: Vera Cozzolino
Editor: Michele Fornasero, Simone Catania
Music by: Dario Arcidiacono


A modern reinterpretation of the classic myth of Phaedra, freely inspired by the poems of Ghiannis Ritzos and the work Hippolytus by Euripides. In a timeless era, on the wild and sunny island of Stromboli, Fedra, in her home, is overwhelmed by memories. The day of her arrival and then the wedding with Theseus, the whirlwind of the dances and the gaze of his beautiful son, Ippolito, had by her husband from a previous marriage.



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