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52', 2013, HD, col., Italy
Directed by: Marco S. Puccioni
Produced by: Indyca, IntelFilm
Genre: Social
Languages: It / Eng / Eng sub.
Status: Available online
Contact: Simone Catania

Before anything else

aka My Journey To Meet You

In participation with: RAI, YLE, ERT, YES TV
Screenplay: Marco Simon Puccioni
Director of Photography: Mario Amura
Music by: Teho Teardo
Editor: Annalisa Schillaci
Graphic animation: Gisella Penazzi


BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE is the story of two Italian gay parents who became fathers to twins thanks to their collaboration with an American surrogate mother. Their journey, spanning the course of three years, is narrated in the first person by Marco, the sperm donor in the couple. His story is told in the light of a very peculiar life experience as a director, father, and lover.

Italy is a special case in Western Europe, since gay and lesbian Italians are tolerated and are generally able to live their lives freely in the major cities even though they have no truly protected civil rights. Contrary to most of Europe, in Italy a single or gay/lesbian couple cannot adopt a child nor have access to medically assisted procreation. There are no laws against homophobia, there are no laws in favor of gay marriages nor civil partnerships, and gay families are not recognized by the Church. Without any moralism or false prejudice, the adventure looks deep into the difficulties, the hopes, and the change in perception of this complex issue, both through the lens of the characters and the broader society.

Marco's journey endeavors to address previously unexplored territory throughout both the homosexual and heterosexual family. With real life images and some sort of surrealistic and dreamlike animation, this film depicts his fears and hopes for his children. More than representing a social issue, Marco's story and the story of his partner probe the depths and essence of parenthood with regard to sex, law, politics and religion.

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