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90, 2022, HD, Col. Ita


Directed by Gabriel Vacis

Written by :
Gabriel Vacis
Michael Fornasero

With the support of:
Piedmont Doc Film Fund
Rotary clubs
ASL Turin

Italian distributor:
Wanted Cinema

International Distributor:


The physical and spiritual adventure of 12 autistic young people and their psychiatrist who decide to walk 200 km in 10 days on the Via Francigena to get to Rome.

For them it's a real feat, they have to abandon their routines to face the unknown and the unexpected. They have to adapt to the new environment of the journey to find a way to coexist with each other, to discover their independence.

A path of personal growth, through effort, fun, relationships, clashes and falling in love.

Our journey as spectators, parallel to that of the protagonists, will be an immersion in the world of autism. We will find out more about their stories, to break down the prejudices and preconceptions that often surround these people.

From February 28th at the Cinema!
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