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10’, 2007, HD, col., Italy

Directed by: Simone Catania
Produced by: Associazione Fuori Sede, Blisscomedia, Indyca
Genre: Drama
Languages: It / Eng sub.
Status: Released
Contact: Simone Catania

Cast: Alessandro Gassman, Giorgia Cardaci, Mario Donatone
Screenplay: Giulia Manelli
Director of Photography: Stefano Palmesino
Editor: Cristiano Gerbino
Music by: Gaia Possenti, Diego Lisfera
Recording Engineer: Gigi Miniotti


Alex and Silvia are having fun recording their childish conversations into a tape recorder. Several years pass when they meet again, no longer as young children. Now reality and fiction blend together dramatically, and neither of them will ever know the other's hidden truths.



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