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58’, 2016, HD, col., Italy

Directed by: Juliane Biasi Hendel
Produced by: Indyca, Kuraj
Genre: Social
Languages: It / Eng sub.
Status: Released

Screenplay: Juliane Biasi Hendel


Giorgia is a lively teenager who lives in a village close to the river Adige, in the heart of the Alps. The landscape around her is dotted with vineyards which change colour across the seasons, from tender green to yellow and orange and red. But Giorgia doesn't perceive this scenery at all, as she was born completely blind. Giorgia lives protected by her family and friends, but her wish is not to be assisted and nursed her whole life. Her wish is to find a place where she can maintain an active role in society, a place where she could be esteemed and loved by other people and by the world outside.

During an experience of blind orienteering, Giorgia met Giona who becomes her best friend. Giona arrived to Italy from Albany when she was a baby and, together with her family, moved to Riva del Garda, a nice town close to one of the biggest lakes in Europe. Giona became blind when she was three, and if she switches her cochlear implant off she is also deaf. She can vaguely remember what she saw as a little child when she was able to see, but her loss of vision has given her a sort of permanent homesickness. Giorgia wants to help Giona to completely accept her condition of being a blind girl as a condition of human richness and worthy of being explored with enthusiasm.

A first step is to explore together the world around them, as blind but autonomous girls. Thus, they decide to carry out a small/great project: to reach by themselves and without any support nor guide an ice cream parlour located along the lake, where local teenagers meet