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30’, 2008, HD, col., Italy

Directed by: Simone Catania
Produced by: Indyca
Genre: Mock
Languages: It / Ger / Fr / Eng
Status: Available in DVD
Contact: Michele Fornasero

Executive Producers: Andrea La Mendola
Produced in collaboration with Consorzio Siciliano Pesca and with the support of EU and Region Sicily
Cast: Antonio Celona, Massimo Spagnolo, Valentina Tepedino, Fabio Fiorentino, Sebastiano Tusa, Anna Maria Manzo, Salvatore Roccapalumba, Giuseppe Carrubba, Antonio Napoli, Nicolò Lo Coco
Screenplay: Matteo Fresi, Simone Catania, Michele Fornasero
Director of Photography: Dario Corno
Music by: Marco Podda, Diego Lisfera
Editor: Michele Fornasero


An unusual journey through an authentic and witty Sicily, in search of a miraculous potion, The Legend of the Blue Fish reveals many unexpected tales under extraordinary circumstances. A mockumentary of surrealistic proportions, here the viewer finds that facts and fiction are intertwined, and it is up to him to decipher fantasy from reality.

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