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35’, 2014, HD, col., USA

Directed by: Andrea La Mendola
Produced by: Azel James, Justpressrec, Luca Spanio, Maximilian Law, Indyca
Genre: Thriller
Languages: Eng
Status: Released
Contact: Andrea La Mendola

Director of Photography: Massimo Zeri
Unit Production Manager: Alessandra Marinelli
First Assistant Director: Marco Bargellini
Music by: Pedro Marques
Editor: Julie Antepli
Co-editor: Archana Shinde


2012 Los Angeles. Joel, a Jewish man, infiltrates a Neo-Nazi gang as a skin head in order to discover the truth about the murder of his wife. Once he gets there, he becomes a friend of the two teenagers suspected to be the murderers, and he starts acting as a real skin head. Suddenly his perspective of the world turns upside down, and what we thought was a clear truth switches into a more complex reality where he risks losing himself by committing horrible crimes.



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