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Executive Producers: 

Pietro Bellorini

Marianna Bianchetti


With the support of: 

Ministero Italiano degli Affari Esteri -

Ufficio di Cooperazione allo Sviluppo di Gerusalemme,

Piemonte Doc Film Fund – Regional fund for documentary,

Teatro Nazionale Palestinese “El Hakawati”, Alyamama,




Abdel Razaq Abu Meizar, Katia Barakat, Baha Sos,

Izzat Natcheh, Gabriele Vacis,

Glen Blackhall, Saleh Bakri,

Hussam Abu Eshe,

Kamel Basha, Ahmad Bakri


Director of Photography: 

Pietro Bellorini 


Sound recorder:

Ahmad Bakri,

Luca Chinaglia,

Giacomo Abbruzzese



Pietro Bellorini 


Music by:

Dan Balilty 

Sound designer: 

David Favargiotti 


Within the background of a school for young actors at the Palestinian National Theatre in East Jerusalem, Tarqìz focuses on four adolescents. The universality of youth overlaps with the peculiarity of the place in which they find themselves. Fear, enthusiasm, and doubt become the seeds of the storytelling, and of their artistic expression. The theatre is the place and the time equipped to receive their creativity and improvisation. It is a place where everything can be done and anything can be said. The four adolescents bring to and take from the theatre their memories, actions, and tribulations related to their ever changing lives, boosting their confidence in the process. The movie tells about a growth that is at once collective and particular, about a connection between art and youth in the framework of a unique and complex city.


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