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90' 2024, HD, col, Italy

Directed by:Michael Fornasero

Screenplay by:Andrew Garello

Genre: Dramedy
Languages: Italian/French
Produced by: Indyca

Gerald, a young immigrant from Mali with a good education and a good knowledge of Italian, left his homeland to come to Italy to realize his dream of founding an agricultural cooperative.

When he finds himself working as a laborer in the Saluzzo area to set aside the funds necessary for the business, he is sucked into the local capolarato system.

Strap, the most fearsome of the corporals, is the most distant person from Gerald that you can imagine. Nonetheless, due to a series of coincidences and fortuitous events, the immigrant finds himself from one moment to the next, on the "enemy's" side. But the devil isn't always as bad as you think: at a certain point a glimmer of humanity seems to peep out in the brutal context that forms the backdrop to the story.

However, the situation becomes complicated again due to the son of Strap, Enzo, and Mariano, a corrupt policeman, the victim of a loan shark because of his gambling debts.

Once again Gerald will have to juggle between light and shadow, having to choose between his own salvation and that of others.

With the support of
Piedmont Development Film Fund


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