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90', 2023, HD, col., Italy, Sweden

Directed by: Marco Bergonzi, Michael Petrolini

Genre: Documentary
Languages: It
Produced by: INDYCA, Fellonica FilmAB

Screenplays: Marco Bergonzi, Francesco Cibati, Michael Petrolini

Cast: Maureen, Cody

Director of Photography: Marco Bergonzi

Produced by: Costanza Julia Bani, Paul Cadieux, Francesca Portalupi


Through the eyes of the two protagonists, HONEYDEW tells the story of a small town in the grip of a dramatic existential change due to the recent legalization of marijuana. Nestled in the hills of Humboldt County in Northern California, Honeydew is not just a geographical location, but a state of mind. The original inhabitants arrived here in the 1970s in search of freedom in its purest form, a coexistence with nature. They didn't want to deal with government, rules or protocols and based their economy on the illegal cultivation of marijuana, homegrown in the center of the Emerald Triangle, an area famous for having the best weed in the United States, and therefore the world . Humboldt County is as synonymous with marijuana as Bordeaux or Montalcino are with wine. But now the founders, most of whom are well into old age, are struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of legal marijuana, while the younger generation she willingly accepts the new reality, not caring that she is trapped in a system their parents escaped from decades earlier.

With the support of

Mega Fun

Mediterranean Film Institute


Primitive Movies

Rai cinema

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