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90, 2018, HD, Col, Italy


Directed by Giovanni Totaro

Genre: Creative DOC
Languages: It

Produced by: Indyca, Rai Cinema, Zenit Audiovisual Arts


Every year in the summer on Mondello beach in Palermo, more than a thousand cabins are built ready to host as many groups of bathers who will spend the season there. For these people the huts are the perfect scenario to hide behind the memory of a social status that the crisis of recent years has undermined.
A family goes into debt to go on holiday by the sea and appear wealthy among the bathers; three women get tanned to feel young again and become the stars of the summer, a politician campaigns among the cabins, while on the same beach a bartender thinks about earning as much money as possible to get through the winter. Everyone is waiting for the night of August 15th to experience the summer vanity fair as protagonists and continue to pretend that the economic crisis does not exist.

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