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The Beauty saved by the Kids

2013, Italy
Directed by: Gabriele Vacis
Produced by: Teatro Stabile di Torino
Genre: Theatre
Languages: En

A project by Gabriele Vacis and Antonia Spaliviero
Director Gabriele Vacis
Scenes, costumes and lights Roberto Tarasco
Video: Michele Fornasero, Giando Musu and Marco Rezoagli, Massimiliano Manzo, Riccardo Martinotti for Indyca

SEEKERS OF BEAUTY Manuel José Acosta, Amira Abdel Alim, Carlo Barone, Vittoria Berta, Marco Federico Bombi, Selen Botto, Giuseppe Carbone, Emma Casagrande, Laura Cassone, Alice Corio, Elisa Dalla Pozza, Erica Devoto, Federica D'Alessandro, Ilenia D'Oria, Alberto Filosi, Sabrina Fraternali, Sharon Iannone, Jessica Ianniello, Nicoletta Leocata, Miriam Longhi, Nicola Dan Maries, Giuseppe Mannino, Marco Marasco, Misha Marchetto, Andrea Markovik, Cristiana Maschera, Marco Mastroeni, Mattia Murgia, Martina Panarello, Davide Panizza, Jacopo Pela, Silvia Pistilli, Antonello Pistritto, Alba Pivotto, Francesca Radaelli, Nadia Rossino, Simone Russo, Chiara Salvato, Monica Sarri, Marta Schiavonetti, Alessandro Serralunga, Ludovico Succio, Claudio Vercellone, Marta Zotti_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_SORCERER APPRENTICES Gabriele Capilli, Chiara Casorati, Filippo Castelli, Giorgia Cipolla, Carlo Cusanno, Rui Albert Padul, Alba Maria Porto, Rocco Rizzo, Natalia Sangiorgio, Anna Vanosi, Matteo Volpengo
Listening and writing Antonia Spaliviero
Video Indyca
Scene and style assistant Lucia Giorgio
Live sounds Riccardo Di Gianni
Trainers Simona Barbero, Fabio Bosco, Domenico Castaldo and the actors of the LabPerm
Pedagogy of action Barbara Bonriposi
Apprendista regia Sarah Silke Tasca / apprendisti video Giuseppe Bisceglia, Valeria Nucera Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino Regione Piemonte
In collaboration with the cities of Alessandria, Vercelli, Novara and the Futuri Creativi project of the city of Moncalieri in partnership_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58 and Grugliasco Spettacolo inserted in Perspective 4


«If you taught people beauty, you would provide them with a weapon against resignation, fear and silence. You get used to the existence of horrendous palaces suddenly built, with all their squalor, from speculative operations, quickly, you put the curtains on the windows, the plants on the windowsill, and you soon forget what those places were like. first, and everything, by the mere fact that it is so, seems to have to be so always and forever. This is why people should be educated to beauty: so that men and women no longer insinuate habit and resignation but curiosity and amazement always remain alive» (Peppino Impastato).

A project of theatre, cinema, art and daily life, with the girls and boys of Alessandria, Vercelli and Novara. Thanks to a special funding from the Department for Youth Policies, with the Piedmont Region and the municipalities of Alessandria, Vercelli and Novara, the Teatro Stabile of Turin is experimenting with a new way of proposing, participating in and producing theater and documentary cinema. An itinerant film set and a series of workshop meetings with art masters in places usually frequented by young people will implement a process of observation and research on the theme of Beauty. The path involves the creation of three theatrical moments (one for each city), a documentary film and finally, it will arrive with a special production of Beauty, at the Fonderie Limone in 2013. With meetings, sets, observations, listening, workshops, staging, writings , the young participants will be able to get involved in the first person. Local and non-local artists from the various disciplines of art and craftsmanship, with the artistic direction of Gabriele Vacis, will guide young people on a journey whose outcome is expected to be full of surprises and food for thought.

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