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"My Prague Spring" is not meant to be exclusively a political show – Jitka Frantova and Daniele Salvo explain -. We are talking about historical facts, real events seen from the point of view of an actress, Jitka Frantova, wife of Jiri Pelikan, a great man Czech politician, protagonist of public life in Czechoslovakia in those very difficult years, on the front line against the invasion of Russian tanks in 1968". Politics has always 'intruded' into Jitka's life, made her experience unexpected situations, not look, he changed the course of his existence. From his memories emerges a distant era that should not be forgotten. In that time of incredible events, man's eternal and ever-present need for freedom came to light more than ever. Jiri Pelikan, a man who went through those years fighting on the front lines with the weapons of intellectual rigor and willpower, wanted young people to learn not to make the same mistakes that his generation had made, in good faith. This is the story of two witnesses of that time, two lives that crossed their destinies in very difficult years, amidst a thousand difficulties.


2008, Italy
Directed by: Daniel Salvo
Produced by: Fahrenheit 451 Theater
Genre: Drama
Languages: It


By Jitka Frantova
Directed by Daniele Salvo 
Original music Marco Podda 
Video scenography by Giandomenico Musu (INDYCA)

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