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73’, 2013, HD, col., Italy

Directed by: Andrea Tomaselli

Genre: Horror
Languages: It / Eng sub

Produced by: Epica Film, Indyca


Contact: Michele Fornasero

Executive Producers: Woka, Hallucigenia Entertainment, Aidìa
Produced with a support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Rotary Club Settimo Torinese, Reale Mutua Assicurazioni
Cast: Gabriele Ciavarra, Raffaella Gardon, Carlo Cusanno, Elis Karakaci, Anna Coluccino, Luciana Maniaci, Francesco D’amore, Renato Cravero, Raffaella Tomellini, Lorenzo Fabbro
Guest star: Natalino Balasso, Manuela Massarenti
Screenplay: Andrea Tomaselli e Sara Benedetti
Director of Photography: Daniel Fazio
Music by: Maria Carmela Tomaselli, William Kilpatrick 
Editor: Federico Lagna, Cristiano Gerbino, Lidia Ravviso
Sound recordist: Vanina Chiariello
Production designer: Eleonora Diana
Special makeup effects: Vanessa Ferrauto
Costume designer: Chiara Valentini



It’s 2 p.m. Another day of school is over. Angelo Sabot, a special needs educational assistant who seems to be the only teacher able to understand and help students, finds himself in the middle of a nervous breakdown. He shows up at the school armed with a hammer. He starts to take his anger out on things, a decision that ends in tragedy when Sabot turns against his beloved students in a massacre without justice.

What led Sabot to act like this? What events brought him to this point? To uncover these complex answers, the storyline travels back to the beginning of the year, back into the daily life of an apparently normal school. Here we can meet a Machiavellian Headmistress whose only purpose is to cover the secrets of a rotten system full of questionable people; her sadistic helper, a child molester and professor, a perverted and creepy caretaker, and Angelo Sabot, himself trying to reclaim his life after being busted for drugs use.

Sabot reaches a breaking point. It’s 2 p.m. In this Zoo School, like animals in a cage, students, teachers and staff alike are both victims and torturers. Sabot is walking through the school with the hammer covered in blood and no one can stop his madness.

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